About the Electric Bike

  • This is not your everyday bike! This is a pedelec.
    (Pedelec is a type of Electric Bike.)
  • You’ll feel motor assistance when you pedal. The motor assistance increases as you pedal harder. Start with an easy ride to get familiar with the electric boost it provides.
  • If you haven’t ridden an e-bike before, try it out in an area away from obstacles and traffic - get a feel for how the motor on-assist and brakes work.
  • This is a California Class 1 Electric Bicycle | Max Speed 20 MPH | 250 W motor.
  • This bike is not intended for off-road use.

Biking Safety


  • Use the front brake softly.
  • JUMP brakes are powerful! Brake early - brake gradually.
  • Ride slowly down steep hills.
  • Use both brakes together at all times.
  • Do not bike one-handed! Do not text while biking! Braking hard while riding one-handed is dangerous!
  • If you are a heavier rider, ride cautiously down steep or long hills and keep your speed low.


  • Start in a low gear.
  • Obey all traffic laws. Bicycles are subject to the same rules of the road as all moving vehicles. Yield to pedestrians. Stop at all red lights and stop signs. Ride in the direction of traffic. Use correct hand signals.
  • Wear a helmet. Always buckle the strap and make sure it is appropriately sized. Replace your helmet after any crash or with any signs of damage.
  • Ride with caution and stay aware of your surroundings. Be predictable and make it easy for other traffic to understand where you are going.
  • Don’t change lanes without knowing the position of the vehicles around you.
  • In wet conditions, there is less traction. Fast acceleration or braking may cause a wheel to skid. Give yourself extra stopping distance, accelerate slowly, and ride with extra care when it is wet.
  • We do not advise wearing earphones while riding.
  • We recommend using hand signals to let drivers and other cyclists know your intention to turn or stop. Only do so when you can safely remove your hand from the handlebars to make the signal.
  • Don’t turn or change lanes without knowing the position of the cars and bikes around you.
  • Plan a safe route before you ride.

Crossing Rails

Crossing Rails on JUMP E-Bike

Bike Inspection

  • Check that both tires are inflated.
  • Test the grip bell and ensure it is audible.
  • If it’s night, check that the headlight and tail light have turned on.
  • Adjust the seat to a height where you can comfortably put one foot down when stopped.
  • Ensure that the seat is firmly clamped and not loose in any way.
  • While at a low speed, test that both brakes are working appropriately.